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Bizarro was the American answer to the Soviet Superman.

Lex Luthor chose to create his own version of Superman through cloning to combat and overcome the original. Luthor decided to crash Sputnik into Metropolis which would bring Superman to the event and hopefully allow Luthor to gather genetic material from Superman. As planned, Superman arrived in time to stop the deadly crash. The United States government claimed the probe and Luthor obtained the samples he needed in order to create his copy dubbed as "Superman Two" or the "Superior Man", However, the clone was turned out to be defective and physically monstrous.

Luthor sent the clone off to engage Superman following the death of Joseph Stalin. The clone clashed with Superman over the English Channel and the two fought. Their battle was so aggressive that it led to collateral damages and deaths in London, and even accidentally caused an American nuclear missile to launch. But the clone proved himself to be a true genetic descendant of Superman as he sacrificed himself to save millions from the nuclear explosion by diverting the missile into space.





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