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Bizarro was a flawed clone of Superman secretly created by Lex Luthor that escaped during the fifth year of the Regime.

Only remembering where he was made, Bizarro flew to Germany where he met a tailor who believed the monster was the original Superman. The tailor made "Superman" a new costume, which the monster put on inside out, believing the "S" on his chest to be backwards in the mirror.

Bizarro attempted to understand who he was, having no understanding of human customs, and, after killing two of the Rogues in a fight, befriended the Trickster, who taught Bizarro what it meant to be a hero. Bizarro later accidentally killed Trickster by dropping him while flying to cover his own mouth when he sneezed and, as a result, flew off the handle trying to find anyone to "fix" him.

Bizarro was eventually killed by Doomsday, mindcontrolled for the Regime by Lex Luthor, after Luthor tried to dispose of the evidence that he was involved in Bizarro's conception.[1]





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