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Bizarro was the product of a Kryptonian lab experiment. Upon its creation, it was discarded as a poor imitation. Its physical body was destroyed, and its phantom wraith banished to the Phantom Zone.[1][2]

The Phantom was accidentally released, alongside a few other prisoners, in 2006.[3] The Phantom quickly discovered that it couldn't survive for long outside of the Phantom Zone, but it managed to survive by possessing humans. Unfortunately, a human host could only contain it for about 24 hours, before the host was destroyed and he had to find a new host. This went on for many months, until the Phantom encountered Clark Kent, a Kryptonian. The only kind of body that could contain the Phantom. The Phantom attacked Clark, but Clark tried to banish the Phantom back to the Phantom Zone, with a crystal. It failed, and the crystal was destroyed. However, the crystal had prevented the Phantom from taking over Clark's body. Instead, the Phantom had to take a sample of Clark's DNA and memories. Creating a cloned body of Clark, to sustain himself.[1]

The Phantom soon discovered that things affected him differently than Clark. While Clark was weakened by Kryptonite, it strengthened the Phantom and while the sun powered Clark, it weakened the Phantom and distorted his appearance, whenever he was in direct sunlight. The Phantom tried to absorb as much Kryptonite as he could, before confronting Clark, but during their confrontation, Clark still managed to get the upper hand and defeated the Phantom. After their battle, the Phantom was locked away by J'onn J'onzz.[2]

Months later, the Phantom was able to escape and returned to Earth, where he discovered that Clark had been gone for a month and took over his life. The Phantom entered a relationship with Lana Lang, who thought he was Clark. However, Clark soon returned, which led to a confrontation between the two men and the Phantom was destroyed, when Lana used Blue Kryptonite to overload him with energy.[4][5]





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