Bored with how the supervillains that Bizarro and the Bizarro Justice League created did nothing, they decided to create a true challenge for themselves for making a Bizarro of Amazo, a villain that was capable of taking all the powers of the Justice League. Upon his creation, he decided to take powers from people who had them and give them to people who didn't. This ended up causing mass chaos on Bizarro World, up until he left for Earth to give power to the powerless, which Bizarro number 1 realized was bad and decided to warn his "worst friend" Superman.

On Earth, he gives superpowers to a myriad of normal humans not used to said powers such as Jimmy Olsen. Despite having the absorbed powers of several Bizarro Supermen, Superman was able to trick him into thinking his powers had weakened due to him having better knowledge of Kryptonian powers than Amazo. Amazo then realized that he was too weak and absorbed all the powers he gave to normal humans. He then returned to Bizarro World, where the Bizarro Justice League told him that since he was the most powerful, by Bizarro logic was the worst among them, so he returned all the powers he stole. But even still, he was on equal terms with Bizarro Joker and Bizarro Shaggyman for being weak and ineffective, so he decided to take it one step further and deactivate himself causing him to not think at all, making him one of the greatest villains on Bizarro World.


  • Power Absorption:Much like his progenitor, Bizarro Amazo could absorb the powers and abilities of anyone his ring beam touched, making the victim powerless.
  • Power Distribution: Unlike the original Bizarro, he could give powers to people who didn't have them before.


  • Diminished Intellect: Like many Bizarros, Bizarro Amazo had a backwards way of looking at things that could easily get him tricked.



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