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Quote1.png And me am Bizarro Aquaman! Your Aquaman live underwater and talk mentally to fish. So me stay on land, and yell at fish! Quote2.png
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Bizarro Aquaman was the bizarro version of Aquaman.

He was a superhero and a member of the Bizarro Super Friends, but their reverse morals cause them to end up making situations worse instead. One day, the team decided to team-up with the Super Friends. In true Bizarro fashion, they just made things more difficult for the Super Friends. They were able to trick the Bizarros to be helpful and in response, the citizens they saved appreciated them, causing the Bizarro Super Friends to return to their homeworld.[1]



  • Bizarro Intellect: Though this could be a weakness elsewhere in the Multiverse, a natural lower intelligence is highly revered among Bizarros.



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