Bizarro Doomsday is a bizarro version of Doomsday.

When Bizarro Superman found himself infused with radiation from a blue sun, he developed the ability to replicate himself as well as create other "Bizarro" lifeforms based upon likenesses of people from Earth. He used this power to populate a cube-shaped planetoid dubbed Bizarro World within the blue sun star system. One of the many duplicates that he created was a Bizarro version of Doomsday. Bizarro Superman's nemesis Bizarro Luthor found Bizzaro Doomsday and kept him hidden inside of a wooden crate as his "sekret wepin". When Bizarro Luthor discovered that Bizarro Superman intended on destroying the Bizarro World, he released Bizarro Doomsday from his crate. Although Bizarro Doomsday had been created by Bizarro Superman, Luthor manipulated it into working for him, thus attacking his adversary. As there were several Bizarro Supermen residing on Bizarro World, Bizzaro Doomsday took to destroying as many as he could find. Bizarro Superman witnessed the carnage and immediately regretted ever making him. Just as Bizzaro Doomsday was about to finish off the Bizarro progenitor, Bizarro Superman's friends the Bizarro Justice League arrived in time to lend a hand. They plummeted from the sky sealed inside of a large steel drum and landed directly on top of Bizzaro Doomsday's head; knocking the creature unconscious.


  • Bizarro Physiology: Bizarros possess a distinct physiology, one that is common to all Bizarros, but greatly differentiated from baseline human biology. Their skin is mottled and grey giving the appearance of crumbled chalk or ash. Often, their faces, arms, legs and other extremities are misshapen and disproportionate to the rest of their body. Physically, most Bizarros are patterned to resemble a specific humanoid analog, though some may possess more generic traits, with no real distinguishing features.
  • Superhuman Strength: Bizarro Doomsday is unquestionably the strongest of Bizarros, and is able to tear through other Bizarros with little to no effort. Although the upper limits of Doomsday's strength level has never been measured, it is fair to assume that his strength is equitable (or at least near the same level) to that of the original Doomsday.



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