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Quote1.png Me am not monster! Me am not Superman... me am... Bizarro! Quote2.png
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The second Bizarro was a defective clone of Superman. After escaping, he joined Red Hood's Outlaws.


Bizarro was one of many uncompleted Superman clones created by Lex Luthor to combat the Man of Steel. However after the Crime Syndicate invaded Earth and Luthor changed his ways, all the Superman clones were scheduled for destruction. Luckily a crime boss named Roman Sionis, A.K.A. the Black Mask, managed to save this Bizarro from being terminated.

Bizarro later rebelled against Sionis and took him down with the help of Red Hood and Artemis. After this conflict Bizarro joined Red Hood and Artemis to form the new Outlaws.


  • Bizarro Physiology
    • Superhuman Strength: Bizarro is extremely strong, possessing explosive, almost unlimited super-strength. However, the exact magnitude of Bizarro's strength has never been measured or fully examined. He was once able to move a mountain with no form of aid and send a man into the sun with a single punch.[1] What was perhaps his greatest display of brute force was when he single-handedly defeated the demon Trigon by ripping his heart out of his chest.[2]
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Invulnerability: Bizarro is impervious to almost every known form of physical force including, bullets, bombs, missiles, lasers. Sufficient enough force however, can eventually put down Bizarro. He once survived the force of a nuke, although this put him in critical condition.[3]
    • Regeneration: Bizarro has impressive recovery abilities, after being impaled by multiple spikes he was able to heal completely after a few moments.[1]
    • Self-Sustenance: Unlike Superman, who relies upon solar radiation in order to tap into his super-powers, Bizarro requires no such external assistance. He does not need to eat or drink, and can function for an indeterminate amount of time without the need of rest.
    • Flight: Bizarro can fly under his own willpower without the aid of external assistance.
    • Flame-Breath: Bizarro can produce and spray super-heated plasma or lava-like fluid from his mouth through exhalation. He can also use this ability to ignite combustible materials within a specified radius.
    • Enhanced Vision: In few occasions Bizarro demonstrated to possess vision-based abilities.[4]
      • X-Ray Vision
      • Infrared Vision
      • Telescopic Vision
      • Arctic Vision: Bizarro can emit and release a powerful concentrated amount of cold steam from his eyes, as well as shoot ice beams from them. These beams maintain subzero degrees of temperature enabling Bizarro to freeze solid objects and living organisms.
      • Heat Vision: Bizarro has recently developed the ability to project concentrated beams of heat from his eyes just like a real kryptonian.[1]


  • Genius Level Intellect (Formerly): After being saved by Lex Luthor Bizarro developed a brilliant mind far superior to that of a common human being. Unfortunately, however, his mind began to regress to the level of a common Bizarro, which he tried to prevent by administering kryptonite until Artemis persuaded him to stop.




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