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Bizarro Perry White is a bizarro version of Perry White.

Bizarro once brought Bizarro Perry on a visit to Earth. Daily Planet reporter Jimmy Olsen saw the two, but mistook them for the real Superman and Perry White. Jimmy followed them onto Bizarro's space vessel only to discover that the beings he believed to be his pal and boss, were in reality imperfect duplicates. Trapped on the Bizarro World, Jimmy had little choice but to accept a job at the Daily Htrae. Jimmy wrote incredible sensationalistic stories (the type that the real Perry would have marveled at), but Bizarro Perry was less than impressed. Feeling that Olsen's tales were too dynamic, he ordered him to go out and report on more mundane matters.

Some time later, Perry hired Bizarro Lois Lane to become a star reporter for the Htrae. Bizarro Lois was likewise involved with Perry's alternate low-notch reporter, Bizarro Clark Kent. It didn't take Perry long however to realize that Clark Kent was also the planet's No. 1 super-hero, Bizarro (primarily because he always wore his "Bizarro No. 1" badge draped around his neck, even when dressed in civilian attire).

During the pan-dimensional upheavel known as Infinite Crisis, Htrae was one of many worlds wracked with disaster. In true Bizarro fashion however, instead of attempting to save lives during the Crisis, the Bizarros took to attacking one another. Bizarro Jimmy Olsen stabbed Bizarro Perry in the chest with a knife. Perry died with a smile on his face.


  • Bizarro Physiology: Like all Bizarros, Perry's physical features were comprised of a dusty, chalk-white crystalline substance, which made them stand out from normal humans.


  • Perry's poor grammar, and inability to generate coherent thoughts made him one of the best reporters and editors in the duplicate city of Metropolis.



  • Perry was never seen without his trademark Bizarro-Stogie.


  • Occasionally, Bizarro would take Bizarro Perry for rides in his space-ship.

  • Following the collapse of the Multiverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, Htrae and all of its inhabitants were erased from the re-imagined timeline. As such, Bizarro Perry White's existence is now considered apocryphal by the standards of the modern canon.
  • Bizarro Perry's physical statistics are based upon those of his Earth-One counterpart.
  • Although the Earth-One Perry White was married, it is unknown whether the Bizarro Perry White ever took a wife.

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