Quote1.png Sorry, Bizarro... I have to destroy you with this glowing metal, for Smallville's sake! Besides, you're not a living creature! Don't try to escape! Quote2.png
Superboy src

The original Bizarro, herein referred to as "Bizarro Superboy", was created by one Professor Dalton's imperfect duplicator ray in Smallville.

The unfortunate creature was accidentally created when Professor Dalton tripped and caused the Duplicator's ray to hit Superboy. After causing mayhem in Smallville, Bizarro Superboy was destroyed by Superboy. Years later, the blueprints for Dalton's duplicator ray are obtained by Lex Luthor who builds his own version and creates the more familiar Bizarro #1.



  • Artistry: Bizarro carved a face of Superboy on a mountain.
  • Disguise: Bizarro tries to disguise himself so others don't know that he is Bizarro.




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