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The Bizarro World, also known as Htrae and Earth-0, is a backwards world created by the deformed clone of Superman known as Bizarro. The Bizarro World's Earth is a cube-shaped planet, home to the Bizarros, imperfect duplicates of the humans created by Bizarro using the Duplicator Ray.

In a possible future from Earth-One, a burst of cosmic radiation transformed the Bizarro World into an ovoid world renamed as Orr, with a capital city known as Azib. The radiation decimated some Bizarros and mutated the rest, giving them normal human features and powers of teleportation.

In The New 52 Multiverse, the Bizarro World has been allocated its own universe known as Earth 29 (or Bizarroverse), home of the Bizarro Justice League. Other planets in this universe are also cuboid in shape; Narr (Rann), Raganaht (Thanagar), and Sram (Mars).

The Bizarro World was created by Otto Binder and Wayne Boring, first appearing in Action Comics #263 (1960). Earth 29 was created by Grant Morrison and Declan Shalvey, first appearing in Earth 2: World's End #1 (2014).