The Black Assassin was a Nazi agent.

Sometime before 1940, he became an associate of Baron Blitzkrieg. The Baron used the Black Assassin in a plot to kill Winston Churchill. The Baron had captured Steel and used brainwashing techniques to implant Steel with programming, making him a sleeper agent. The Baron sent the brainwashed Steel to Canada where he arranged for him to defeat the Black Assassin in a feint on Churchill's life. Steel, unaware of his programming, saved Churchill from the Black Assassin, endearing himself to the leader. Later, at a radio speech by Churchill, Black Assassin reappeared, once again attempting to kill Churchill with a laser-like "Light Rifle." Shining Knight, Lady Liberty and Steel confronted the Black Assassin and disarmed him. Refusing to give up, the Black Assassin tried to kill Churchill by using explosives devices he wore on his belt and bandoleer. He detonated the explosives, killing himself. His actions proved fruitless, as Steel used his indestructible body to take the brunt of the bombs.


  • Light Rifle: The Black Assassin used a weapon he called a "Light Rifle" which was a laser-like rifle.
  • Explosives: The Black Assassin used explosives that he carried on his belt and bandoleer.

  • Commander Steel gives the assassin a German name, "Scwarzer Meuchelmörder"; the proper word for black is schwarzer.



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