Black Barax was a future warlord who was stopped by the JSA.

Barax tried to stop a kaonic accelerator experiment at TylerCo, claiming that the search for the tachyon was to begin elsewhere and "elsewhen". During a battle with the modern JSA his time cube was damaged and he, Mr. Terrific II, and Hawkgirl were transported to 1944. There they met Terry Sloane, the first Mr. Terrific and the Freedom Fighters. Mr. Terrific convinced Barax he was his ancestor and threatened to shoot himself in the head, thereby erasing Barax from the timeline. Barax fell for his ploy and retreated back to his own time.



  • Power Armor: Black Barax wears a full-body suit of power armor that is capable of flight and can absorb large amounts of damage. He is also able to shoot force beams and discharge electric bolts a lance that he carries. Barax also travels in a tachyon-based time machine and controls a number of flying robots.

  • Black Barax made his first appearance in Sand's vision who saw himself fighting him in the future in JSA #33. Black Barax made his first full appearance in JSA #41 when the vision came true.



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