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Black Canary had a short career as a vigilante in Gotham City.

The woman was a bartender in a seedy joint called Black Canary. Her costume is actually her work uniform. Several patrons harass her and she finally decides she's had enough and beats up the men in the bar. When her boss asks what's gotten into her, she replies "Batman". She beats him up and leaves on a motorcycle. She later shows up at the docks to bust up a meeting between some gangsters. She takes them out but they outnumber her and she hides behind some crates. Batman sees her and decides to help her. He lights a Molotov cocktail and lights the gangsters on fire. Black Canary thanks him for helping her and then the two have sex. Batman later gives her a ride home in the batmobile. Later, she returns to the bar where all the men lay on the floor unconscious. She lights the money on fire and tosses it, setting the bar on fire.



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