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Black Canary is a band headlined by Dinah Drake. The other members are level-headed drummer Lord Byron, mute guitarist Ditto, angsty keyboardist Paloma Terrific and the mild-mannered tour manager Heathcliff Ray.


After a stint with a band called Ashes on Sunday in Burnside,[1] Dinah Drake found herself with an offer from a record producer asking for one album and a tour.[2][3]

The band soon earned a reputation for being aggressive and causing several thousands of dollars of property damage. Despite attempting to keep the vigilantism to a minimum Dinah and the band were soon assaulted by shadow figures who were after Ditto. Escaping the demons and finishing a killer show the band returned to the road, now with Dinah training them for protection against these spectral beings.

The band was originally fronted by Bo Maeve a theatre student whom Byron and Paloma formed a trio with and they got so far as to shoot a video for their first single, however, Maeve was bought out and dropped from the contract.

Later, when practicing and after an encounter with Maeve, who was stowing away, the band found themselves under attack from a masked man who was later revealed to be Kurt Lance, Dinah's husband.[4]



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