"New Wings (Part II of IV) - Home is Where Ya' Live!": Dinah Lance and her new friend Gan Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American talk radio host, enjoy a picnic overlooking the water. Gan reveals that he once used to work on a fishing boat, using the travel as a means o

Quote1 I loved being part of the tradition, part of an elite. And it was my obligation to protect those who were less... able. Then when that man... cut me, I couldn't even scream. I was so... helpless. It wasn't supposed to be like this! I was supposed to be stronger!! Quote2
Dinah Lance

Black Canary #2 is an issue of the series Black Canary (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1991.

Appearing in "New Wings (Part II of IV) - Home is Where Ya' Live!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Senator Loren Garrenger
  • Loren Garrenger, Jr.
  • Sgt. Brennan
  • Sooner (Dies)
  • Mr. Drake
  • Jamie

Other Characters:

  • Chad Brennan




Synopsis for "New Wings (Part II of IV) - Home is Where Ya' Live!"

Dinah Lance and her new friend Gan Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American talk radio host, enjoy a picnic overlooking the water. Gan reveals that he once used to work on a fishing boat, using the travel as a means of canvassing neighbourhoods for information about his father, of whom there seems to be no record - alive or dead. Now, Gan fights the drug trade in Seattle's Chinatown, with some success. However, he still sees opposition from skinheads and Senator Garrenger, whose war on drugs is worse than no help at all.

Elsewhere, a young man named Chad Brennan, the son of a military Sergeant attempts to learn to fire a rifle, but his heart's not in it, and his father is disgusted. They are interrupted by Loren Garrenger, Jr., the son of the senator, who arranges to have Chad's father kill Gan.

Later, Gan has an interview for his radio station with Senator Garrenger, taking the politician to task for his ineffective drug legislation. He cites the lack of treatment and failure to make attempts to bridge language gaps between Asian or Spanish language speaking constituents and the government. When Gan makes a pointed remark, one of the senator's security people shuts off the microphones, but the senator is convinced that nobody is listening to the broadcast in the first place. Of course, Dinah is listening.

Dinah heads to the library and checks the newspaper records until she finds a headline showing that the Loren Garrenger, Jr. was involved in a drug bust. With this information, she visits Gan at his apartment, who is unconvinced by the news article that it would serve as proof that the senator is crooked. Dinah admits that she sees conspiracy in most things because she's been through some difficult experiences. Gan reveals that he already knows that Dinah is Black Canary, just like her mother before her. Dinah feels as though being tortured years ago rendered her helpless, when she ought to have been stronger, and lived up to the obligations of being a hero. Gan takes her into his arms and comforts her, reminding that she is only human, and that being human has its merits.

Elsewhere, a drug operation being run by a man named Mr. Drake and his compatriot "Sooner" becomes aware of a broadcast being made by Gan from the streets of Chinatown. Gan calls on the citizens to rebel against the drug trade there. Dinah overhears the broadcast, and fearing for Gan's safety, goes out after him. As she heads toward Gan's location, Sgt. Brennan finds a perch to snipe from, getting Gan in his rifle's sight. As Dinah and the police attempt to stop Gan's protest, for the civilians' safety, the Sergeant shoots Gan in the shoulder, and the police become engaged in a gunfight with nearby drug lords.

Dinah and Gan rush into the drug den, as Mr. Drake uses his own girl as a hostage against the police. As Dinah takes out many of the drug dealers, Mr. Drake realizes that he'll get out more easily if he kills all of his accomplices. When Dinah and Gan make it into the room, Drake is gone, and only one man is left alive to take the blame. Dinah blames Gan for the deaths, claiming that if he hadn't pulled his rebellion stunt, none of it would have happened. Meanwhile, Drake escapes through the sewers.

As Gan leaves the building, Sgt. Brennan sees him through binoculars, and realizing that he failed, escapes. Dinah overhears the remaining dealer mention that there was a sniper in a tree somewhere, and follows up. She finds the tree, and a single shell casing nearby.


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