"New Wings (Part III of IV) - Somebody's Keeper": After the failure of Sgt. Brennan to assassinate Gan Nguyen, Loren Garrenger, Jr., the son of a senator, orders a drug drop site to be moved to a different location.

Quote1 Oh, I knew he'd catch up to me eventually. But a good detective needs to keep a clear head. I'll feel it... later. Gan will fight this in his own way. And I'll fight it in mine. Quote2
Black Canary

Black Canary #3 is an issue of the series Black Canary (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1992.

Appearing in "New Wings (Part III of IV) - Somebody's Keeper"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Sgt. Brennan
  • Senator Loren Garrenger
  • Loren Garrenger, Jr.
  • Boyd
  • Mr. Drake (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Chad Brennan
  • Truman




Synopsis for "New Wings (Part III of IV) - Somebody's Keeper"

After the failure of Sgt. Brennan to assassinate Gan Nguyen, Loren Garrenger, Jr., the son of a senator, orders a drug drop site to be moved to a different location.

Dinah Lance and Gan brief Lieutenant Cameron on what they've discovered. After Gan had staged a protest in Seattle's Chinatown against a crack house, someone inside the crack house opened fire. However, Dinah believes that there was also a sniper who knew of Gan's plans, and simply took advantage. She believes that the Senator and his son are involved in the drug trade, and that Gan was an embarrassment to them. Cameron demands more evidence to support the theory, though.

Mr. Drake, a drug dealer involved in the shootout and has gone rogue, hides in a derelict building. Meanwhile Dinah and Gan are in the same part of town, arguing over the fact that Gan's protest got two people killed. As they argue, Gan discovers a sick addict unconscious on the street, and picks him up. He asks whether it's worth the risk to take action and not feel helpless anymore, like these addicts do. Dinah relents, and has Gan take the addict to the hospital while she follows Drake's trail from the crime scene.

Elsewhere, Loren Garrenger, Jr. arranges to have his father appear at the false drop-site for his drug deal, in hopes that Drake will appear there also. His plan is to have his father gain publicity while Drake is caught one way or the other.

Meanwhile, Dinah discovers drake's location. She is surprised by Gan, who appears beside her. Drake hears them, and thinking that they might be the younger Garrenger, calls out. However, he begins shooting blindly at them moments later. Gan distracts Drake while Dinah sneaks up on him. Drake manages to notice Dinah, and gets his hands around her neck, threatening to kill her. Gan, reveals himself, however, pointing out that with all of the methane gas from the sewage system, he could kill them all by using his cigarette lighter. He offers Drake the choice to either come peacefully, or die in an explosion. Drake makes as if to release Dinah, but pulls his gun on Gan. His magazine, however, is empty, and Dinah knocks him flat.
Dinah has Drake lead them to more evidence, before they appear at the supposed drop-site beside Senator Garrenger and Lieutenant Cameron. However, seconds after Dinah introduces Drake as their prize witness, Sgt. Brenner shoots him through the head. He then escapes, vowing to kill both Gan and Dinah next time. Dinah and Gan investigate the tanker, and she picks up a lead on the real drop-off point.

Dinah reveals that there is a white-supremacist camp somewhere near Gray's Harbour, which could potentially provide a link between the Garrengers and the drug trade. She leaves Gan outside the camp and attempts to break in, but as she cracks a padlock, she is interrupted by some thugs who have captured Gan.


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