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"New Wings (Part IV of IV) - Just Say "Thank You"": A tanker smuggling a particularly sturdy brand of suitcase full of cocaine unloads its cargo into the ocean, where the suitcases' specific gravity keeps them floating three feet below the surface.

Quote1.png Oh, this makes a lot of sense... I'm going to take on twelve armed men... with nothing but my good looks and a quick wit... Quote2.png
Black Canary

Black Canary #4 is an issue of the series Black Canary (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1992.

Synopsis for New Wings (Part IV of IV) - Just Say "Thank You"

A tanker smuggling a particularly sturdy brand of suitcase full of cocaine unloads its cargo into the ocean, where the suitcases' specific gravity keeps them floating three feet below the surface.

Elsewhere, Black Canary watches as her friend Gan Nguyen is attacked by white supremacists. As a distraction, she sets fire to an open suitcase of money, giving both she and Gan an opportunity to escape. She forces Gan to escape across a river because his ethnicity puts him at an increased risk if they catch him. But then, she uses him as bait for a trap, and together, they capture one of their pursuers. Gan nearly kills him in anger, but eventually, they leave him alone.

Meanwhile, Chad Brennan, the son of a military sniper turned assassin grows disgusted with his father, and drives off late at night in his truck. As he drives, he comes across Dinah and Gan climbing over a barbed-wire fence. He offers them a ride, and Dinah leaves Gan with Chad, splitting up so they can stop the cocaine shipment.

Dinah goes to the local sheriff, who expresses disbelief at the suggestion that a multi-million dollar cocaine syndicate is coming out of one of the poorest communities in Washington. He dismisses her, and as she leaves, Dinah palms a handkerchief from the Sheriff's desk, noticing that it has a swastika emblazoned on it.

Later, Dinah spies on a tanker in the harbour, noting the presence of high powered guns, along with Loren Garrenger, Jr. - the son of a senator. She dives into the water, and hotwires a nearby motor boat. She then adjusts her costume to appear more feminine and attractive, and drives the boat away.

Chad takes Gan to the Quinault Indian Reserve, revealing that the daughter of Wren Kole - a mutual acquaintance - is his girlfriend. Chad's girlfriend suggests that Garrenger's people might be dropping their cargo in the Quinault's waters because the reserve doesn't have much of a police force. Gan and Chad make plans to create one.

Dinah uses her boat and physical features to attract the attention of the drug smugglers, feigning a boat-crash. Sgt. Brennan fishes her out, and they take her on board. She pretends to be unconscious, as the smugglers lock her in a room below. Immediately, she springs into action, knocking out a guard and stealing a gun. She then knocks out the navigator, taking control of the steering wheel.

Meanwhile, on a boat in Quinault waters, Gan watches as a helicopter carrying Senator Garrenger flies overhead. He comments that he believes the Senator doesn't know about his son's involvement in the drug operation, and he otherwise cannot afford not to be involved in this bust.

Dinah makes a mayday call from the smugglers' boat, but she is soon attacked. She knocks out her attacker, and uses him as a hostage to get outside. However, Chad and the coast guard have already arrived, placing all of the boat's passengers under arrest. Sgt. Brennan attempts to fire on them, but Dinah intervenes. Brennan nearly kills her, but Chad yells for him to stop, shooting his own father.

As the sun sets, Gan and Dinah go over the case, worrying about Chad, after killing his own father. They decide that eventually, he'll be okay - like most other people.

Appearing in New Wings (Part IV of IV) - Just Say "Thank You"

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  • White Supremacists
  • Sgt. Brennan
  • Loren Garrenger, Jr.

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  • Wren Kole





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