"The Fish":

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Black Canary

Black Canary (Volume 2) #8 is an issue of the series Black Canary (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 1993.

Synopsis for "The Fish"

Black Canary has followed the main witness in a mob trial (Freddie) from Seattle to Philadelphia. He fled to retrieve an old ledger book, hoping to the mob boss Tony 'the Fish' off his back. When she catches up to him, he accuses her of not caring about him or his family, only about putting 'the Fish' behind bars, right before some of Fish's people start shooting at them. Dinah fights them off, hauling Freddie into an alley to protect him. While she has her back to him, he bashes her over the head with a glass bottle and then pops a pill of some kind into her mouth, leaving her unconscious in the alley.

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, young Ray Terrill is hawking ice cream in a baseball stadium. He is surprised to find his girlfriend, Jenny, there with another guy, and they begin to argue. Suddenly, the previous Ray (Happy Terrill), appears to him. Happy to get away from an awkward situation, Ray begins to glow and flies away after Happy, who leads him to the alley where Dinah is passed out. He tells Ray she is Black Canary, daughter of his friend the previous Black Canary, and asks him to help her.

When Dinah wakes up, she is unsettled to not be in her costume. She tries to call Oliver, but gets his voicemail. Ray's cousin Hank Terril arrived to take Ray to breakfast, at the same time as Dinah emerges to ask for a towel for the shower, leading Hank to believe they slept together. Jenny arrives not long after, and she draws the same conclusion, storming off before Ray can explain. Dinah has to borrow some of Ray's clothes, since her costume is a mess from the fruit stall she was thrown into and the bottle of wine that was broken over her head the night before. After borrowing some ibprofen for her migraine, she tells Ray she needs to get back to Seattle, and he surprises her by flying her there.

Because Ray flies at the speed of light, they arrive when it's still night time in Seattle, and Dinah is furious to find Oliver Queen sleeping in her bed. After throwing him out, she goes back to work, spending eight hours staking-out an office building where she believes Freddie will turn over the ledger. Unfortunately, Ray appears at exactly the wrong moment, attempting to 'save' her from Fish's men and ruining her collar. She tells him she can handle it from there, and goes home.

Oliver shows back up with chocolates and they argue, until he finally admits he has a lead for her. Dinah follows the tip to an amusement park, unaware that Green Arrow is following her. She catches up to Freddie meeting with the Fish, again arriving just in time to save him from Fish's men - this time with attack helicopters. Preparing to unleash her sonic cry, Ray again appears to help out, taking out both the choppers.

In the aftermath, Oliver accuses her of being a cradle-robber and moving on with Ray; Ray is not helping by looking at her with starry-eyes. As a result, Dinah kisses Oliver to get him to shut up and try to make Ray get over his crush. As soon as he's gone, she stops kissing him, and Oliver says, "Well, now... glad to see you've come to your senses!"

For that, she punches him.

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  • Tony 'The Fish' (Seattle mob boss)

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  • The tagline for this issue is "There's a new man in Dinah's life... the Ray!"

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