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Black Condor is the name of a legacy character, a super-hero and usually a member of the Freedom Fighters. Originally he was Richard Grey, Jr., a man with the power of flight who fought using weaponry. Grey has also been a member of the All-Star Squadron. Ryan Kendall was his successor, a hero using powers of flight and telekinesis, who would eventually be killed during Infinite Crisis. Kendall was a member of the Justice League and Primal Force. John Trujillo is the current Condor, a native American man empowered by the gods.

The original character Richard Grey was created by Will Eisner and Lou Fine, first appearing in Crack Comics #1. (1940) Ryan Kendall was developed by Brian Augustyn and Rags Morales, first appearing in Black Condor #1. (1992) Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Daniel Acuna introduced John Trujillo in Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #3. (2006)


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