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Black Jack was a enemy of Aquaman.


  • Leadership: Black Jack is one of the highest ranking underbosses within the N.E.M.O. Organization. Second in command only to Black Manta, formerly the Fisher King, on her own Black Jack is an avid tactical commander in her own right.[1]
  • Firearms: She's an avid marksman, easily able to work her way around a fight with a handgun.[2]
  • Seamanship: Being an ocean-based secret agent, Black Jack excels at oceanographic navigation and commandeering.
  • Combat Specialist


  • Suicide Coral Implant: All N.E.M.O operative have a bit of atlantean technology imbedded in their brain stem, triggered to go off in the event that sensitive intel is at risk upon capture by enemy forces.


  • Albatross Stealth Plane: An advanced undetectable aerial craft employed by the Nautical Enforcement of Macrocosmic Order. Personalized secret spy planes employed by Black Jack and other agents in order to get from place to place around the world undetected.[3]


  • Handheld Pistol



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