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Quote1.png If only I knew where their hide-out is, I'd sure smoke them rats out! Quote2.png
Uncle Samsrc

In the early 1940s, this murderous gang of Nazi-sponsored bikers tried to take over a town in the American Mid-west, and got soundly defeated, and captured alive, by Uncle Sam.


In 1940, a half-dozen hooded, robed, foreign-sponsored, motorcycle gangsters, calling themselves the Black Legion, tried to get control of Glen Valley, a small Mid-western town, and turn it into a stronghold. They roared into town with blazing machine guns, and inflicted a lot of civilian casualties.

Uncle Sam showed up. He may have been a local man in a colorful suit, he may have been a stranger, but he waded into these killers, and he thrashed them all. Bullets and vehicles were useless against him, and he never got tired, or scared, or bored. He kept up a lively monologue as he beat these bruisers up and down. Very soon the Black Legion, all still alive, were hanging by their hoods, from hooks on the local creamery wall, waiting for the police to arrive.


Transportation: motorcycles
Weapons: machine guns

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