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Black Manta is an international pirate and enemy of Aquaman. He is a member of the Legion of Doom.


Black Manta's identity is irrelevant. He has become the mask he wears. There is nothing hidden beneath. This is why, like many other criminals, he is believed to be completely beyond rehabilitation.

At some point in the past, he simply put on the helmet and chose to live in opposition to his fellow man. It is a madness that defines the world in such small terms: everything else is a contradiction to be hated.

Criminal Career

He is not opposed to humanity in its entirety, but to all save a remainder of his own people. Because of his race, he uses the slavery of generations past to justify his want for a kingdom, a nation of his own. Black Manta has convinced himself that there is nothing he may do against the common man that is unjustified including anything from brutality to theft or murder.

He has hated for so long that he is no longer a man who hates, but hate itself. He has considered the danger of prejudice not merely for the cruelty of one time perpetrated by one people and a mindset but for its potential pollution and condemnation of generations to come. Yet he continues his crimes on that bias, whether he believes it to be a ruse or not.

Legion of Doom

Black Manta hunts treausres hidden and lost in the oceans. He has found criminals to join his cause, some human, others now mutated. These will become the people of his kingdom. For now, he is a nomad, basing his operations off the coast of various islands in the Pacific. He has set his sights on the wealth of Atlantis. This has made him the enemy of Aquaman.


  • Swimming: He is able to swim (though only with his technology) alongside and even race Aquaman.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): A formidable foe, even without his weapons, Black Manta can fight above or underwater and has shown great speed and aptitude with aquatic fighting.
  • Diving: He's been to the depths of the ocean in Atlantis and other far deep locations.
  • Seamanship: He pilots his own submarine as well as being able to hijack any boat he desires and pilot it without a problem.


  • Black Manta Diving Suit: A lethal high-tech suit allows him to survive underwater and adapt to any number of situations.



  • Eye Beams: High intensity lasers that he aims through his eye ports.
  • Electrified Weaponry: A lot of Black Manta's weapons are electrified and cut through Aquaman's clothing with ease leaving painful shocks.



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