Black Orchid is the legacy name of several characters. She is a vigilante and master of disguise who gains her powers from a connection to The Green, originally known as Susan Linden-Thorne. Flora Black is her successor, a less moral femme fatale. Suzy is the third Orchid, a nearly identical younger sister of Susan Linden. The character has been involved with the Suicide Squad, Parliament of Trees, Shadowpact and Birds of Prey. Alba Garcia is introduced as a new Orchid working for A.R.G.U.S. in The New 52, becoming a member of Justice League Dark. Black Orchid was created by Sheldon Mayer and Tony DeZuniga, first appearing in Adventure Comics #428. (1973) Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean would later recreate the character in Black Orchid #1. (1988).


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