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The Black Racer was the personification of Death who comes appears to take the lives of New Gods.

The Black Racer was the personification of Death and would prey upon the vulnerable New Gods to take their lives. One time, he was summoned by Darkseid on Apokolips to ensure that Cyborg will not die as he transmits the Anti-Life Equation but by corrupting the Equation itself, Darkseid falls prey to its overwhelming despair. Darkseid's servant, DeSaad was frightened by the unexpected effects of the Anti-Life Equation on his master, although the Racer mocked the New God after witnessing Darkseid's plan backfires, claiming that "it [was] time for God to die". In his despondency, however, Darkseid unleashes his uncontrollable rage towards the Black Racer, killing his avatar in the process, and subsequently dove into the core of Apokolips, causing it to explode.[1]

The Black Racer later took on a new avatar and would later resurface in the ruins of Apokolips, where he witnessed the Anti-Living Darkseid break out of the dead planet's cooled molten core, after Mister Miracle was smashed into it by Metron. As the evil god broke free, Black Racer merely uttered that "Darkseid isn't".[2]





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