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Black Razors are armed covert military squads under the auspices of the intelligence agency known as International Operations.


Formed since the early days of I/O, Black Razor units are comprised of six to eight agents per squad, each one outfitted with a TRV suit. They specialize in stealth and combat strategy and work closely with I'O's Psi-Ops division. In 1992, International Operations director John Lynch believed that a rogue team of freelance agents known as the WildC.A.T.s were responsible for a massive explosion in Washington, D.C. Lynch sent a squad of Black Razors to track them down and the Razors engaged the WildC.A.T.s at a safe house in Quantico, Virginia. WildC.A.T.s leader Jacob Marlowe shot Black Razor squad leader Ben Santini in the knee, crippling him. Santini soon returned to active service however after undergoing an operation to replace his ruined knee with a mechanical one.



  • Tactical Response Vantage Suits: Also known as TRV suits, this light armor is used by agents as a combat uniform. The sectional armor is applied over an insulated body sheathe. The suits are treated with a refractory coating which provides additional protection against against energy attacks and technologically advanced weaponry such as those employed by the alien Daemonites. Because of the armor's minimal weight, agents are able to maintain full maneuverability even while carrying additional weaponry.

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