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The Black Reign Group was a team comprised mainly of loose cannon criminals, morally dubious superhumans and ex-members of the Justice Society of America led by former JSA member Black Adam who grew frustrated with the JSA's moral boundaries and operated according to the stance that the stance that killing villains and lawbreakers was a necessary evil to protect the world.


The group was started after when Kobra blackmailed the authorities and the JSA into granting his release using suicide bombers, angering Black Adam and Atom Smasher by the fact he was not punished for his acts of terrorism. Albert and Adam promptly quit the JSA after Kobra's escape.

Shortly thereafter, the unlikely duo settled each other's personal scores. Adam rounded up a Northwind and Brainwave (former Infinity Inc. teammates) as allies and killed Kobra in revenge appointing Nemesis and Eclipso to join his team. The group went on to dispatch the oppressive regime of Adam's homeland Kahndaq, where Atom Smasher killed the dictatorial president of Kahndaq, Asim Muhunnad.[1] The team then formally took over the country and became hailed as liberators after killing the remainder of the past dicator's supporters.[2] With Black Adam in charge of the country, all of the Feitheran people were welcomed within its borders, with Northwind as their leader.

The rest of the JSA were alerted to Black Adam's coup and went into Kahndaq to confront him. The situation turned into a violent riot as the people of Kahndaq rose up against the JSA. Nemesis entered into the fight and slashed Hourman (Rick Tyler) across the stomach. Rick Tyler saved himself by switching places with his father, the Rex Tyler Hourman, who was located within a pocket of time. Nemesis went to attack Tyler but Alex Montez blasted her through the chest with a bolt of magic from the black diamond. It turned out that Alex's wounds had weakened the power of the mystic tattoos. Eclipso then began to take control of Alex and used him to deliver the fatal blast to Nemesis. Distraught, Alex threw himself off the roof where the fight was taking place and landed next to Nemesis. The JSA recovered both bodies.[3] Statues were erected in the country of the two and they were hailed as liberators who sacrificed their lives for the country's freedom despite their actual fates.[4]

Atom Smasher initially fought against his JSA teammates in Kahndaq before deciding instead to help forge an uneasy truce - Black Adam and his compatriots could remain in power so long as they never left the country. Atom Smasher remained in the Middle Eastern nation for a time, although he eventually began to question Adam's motives.[5] Atom Smasher perished while fighting against the Spectre, but was revived by Black Adam's lightning, and carried back to JSA headquarters, thereby disbanding the team.[6]


  • The group seems to be an expy or at least a homage to groups like the Authority or the Elite due to their murderous proactive approach to fighting injustice and tendency for wanton slaughter.

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