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The Black Widow was an enemy of the Blackhawk Squadron.

In the mid-1950s, the Black Widow was a terrorist, who orchestrated the escape of a condemned criminal named Mogreb, who knew the location of a set of plans for an Atomic Ray Projector. They teamed up, but she did all the planning. From her hidden lair in a castle in the mountains, she oversaw a series of robberies and hijackings, assembling the materials for Mogreb to build his dangerous device.

As she anticipated, Blackhawk and his Squadron were closing in on her operation, and she laid an elaborate trap for them. The Blackhawks were seemingly killed when she explosively demolished her own castle, but they soon cornered and confronted the Widow and Mogreb, in her new base deep within the mountain. After another attempt to trap them, the Blackhawks subdued Black Widow's gang of henchmen and captured the Widow and Mogreb.[1]



  • Black Widow's henchmen's paralysis-gas-shooting handguns
  • Mogreb's Atomic Ray Projector



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