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The third Black Zero was an alternate version of Superboy from a Hypertime stream in which Superman had not returned to life and his clone had been left to mature fully, developing his full Kryptonian powers in addition to his tactile telekinesis.[1]

As a result, he had become Superman II. However, he believed he was resented for not being the original Superman. When his inexperience led to a battle in which many heroes and civilians were killed, a public backlash began against cloning. After Guardian was supposedly killed by a mob, Superman II decided the anti-clone lobby had to be stopped by any means necessary. Since he believed he was fighting for clone rights, he took the name Black Zero.[1]

Turning Project Cadmus into a fortress, and leading an army of Guardian clones, Black Zero began a war in which most of Earth's heroes were destroyed, and then recreated by Cadmus' mad scientist Dabney Donovan as soldiers for the Project. Black Zero took the public's horror in the face of these new super-powered subjugators as confirmation of his belief that humans would always turn against clones. After conquering his Earth, he was contacted by Metron of the New Gods, who offered him the chance to enter Hypertime and "rescue" other worlds in which clones were at risk of being oppressed. To his bafflement, the Superboys of these worlds often stood against him, leading him to store them in stasis chambers similar to the Clone Banks of Krypton. He was eventually defeated by a combined effort from all his other selves, led by the Superboy of the main continuity.[1][2]


  • Pseudo-Kryptonian Powers: As a fully matured clone, Black Zero possesses powers Superboy had yet to manifest when Black Zero and Superboy first met (Though some time after Black Zero's defeat, Superboy would develop Kryptonian powers similar to what Black Zero possesses.)




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