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"The Long Dark Night": Krypto wakes up at the Kent homestead and disappears at superspeed.

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Blackest Night: Superman #3 is an issue of the series Blackest Night: Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2009.

Synopsis for "The Long Dark Night"

Krypto wakes up at the Kent homestead and disappears at superspeed. On New Krypton, Kara fights her father, who is under the influence of the Black Ring. After he berates her, Kara realizes that this undead being is not her real father.

Psycho Pirate continues to sow chaos. He is able to use the power of his mask to manipulate the emotions of those around him. When Conner realizes that Psycho Pirate is behind the chaos, he tries to interfere, but falls under the villain's spell. Conner then attacks Superman, but eventually breaks free due to the latter's words of encouragement, the man of steel referring to him as his brother.

Ma Kent tries to light Black Lantern Lois on fire, but it doesn't work. Krypto shows up and rips Lois' hand off. He is able to dispatch the Black Lantern because of the removal of the ring.

A scientist goes to Alura on New Krypton and says that he has a device that can repel Black Lanterns. However, the device will also trap anyone on the planet as well. Alura goes to get the Black Lantern Zor-El at the required distance from the planet. Just as the device is put to use, Alura is able to grab her daughter and return to the surface, as the undead Zor-El is repelled.

Conner starts to see Superman losing in his battle with the Black Lantern Superman. Combined with his telekinesis, he is able to snap back from Psycho Pirate's influence. Conner explains that he was trying to suppress his mind powers because he wants to be just like Superman, who does not have these powers. Superman tells him to use any power available to him.

Conner uses his telekinesis to fight Psycho Pirate and steals his mask. He uses it to restore people to normal. He also uses it to disperse Psycho Pirate and Black Lantern Superman. Their black rings seemed to shut off when the mask was used on them. Unfortunately, the mask was shattered as the ring flew off the Black Lantern Superman's finger.

Superman tells Conner that they will have to worry about that later, because people in Smallville still need their help.

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