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"Blackest Night": The story continues from where Blackest Night #5 left off. In Coast City, the heads of the seven Lantern Corps are bewildered at what has just transpired. Saint Walker believes that the swarm of black rings are tryin

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Blackest Night #6 is an issue of the series Blackest Night (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2010.

Synopsis for "Blackest Night"

The story continues from where Blackest Night #5 left off. In Coast City, the heads of the seven Lantern Corps are bewildered at what has just transpired. Saint Walker believes that the swarm of black rings are trying to take over the living as well as the dead. But, Hal disagrees, saying that the rings are only going after the ones who were resurrected, including himself and Barry Allen, while at the same time being attacked by the members of the Justice League who were just transformed into Black Lanterns by Nekron, including Superman, Superboy, Wonder Woman, Kid Flash, and Green Arrow. After being joined by Wally, Hal throws Barry a construct of a line to him and the two heroes run away from the battle nearly at the speed of light and transports them two seconds into the future.

Inside a Black Lantern Ring, Ray Palmer and Mera are fighting against the Atom's resurrected wife, Jean Loring. Suddenly, Deadman appears and takes possession of Jean and tells them to go away before the ring regains control of Jean's body, as well as telling them that every Black Lantern in the universe is converging on Earth when they hear John Stewart informing them of incoming Black Lanterns from space. Enlarging himself and Mera out of Wonder Woman's Lantern ring, Wonder Woman and Mera battle each other, while Sinestro and the other Lanterns continue to battle the Black Lantern Corps.

They realize that even together, the seven Lanterns are only creating a fraction of the white light necessary to destroy the Black Lanterns. Ganthet advises that in order to succeed, they must unite all members of the seven Corps and use all their power to destroy the Black Lantern Central Power Battery, which Indigo-1 tells him that her Corps can gather the other members of the Corps, but will take time. Once that happens, the Ganthet, the Guardian of the Blue Lantern Corps takes Hal's Green Lantern ring and duplicates it to become a deputy member of the Green Lantern Corps. As his last act as a Guardian, Ganthet initializes a program within the power rings of the other six Lantern Corps to duplicate and search for their respective emotions deputizing individuals for each Corps for 24 hours. For the Blue Lantern Corps of Hope, Barry Allen joins the Blue Lanterns for feeling hope that the crisis will end soon.

While fighting for his life in an underground bunker, Lex Luthor is trying to hold back dozens of Black Lanterns, and surprisingly, his own father, Lionel Luthor, when an orange ring appears to him and becomes a member of the Orange Lanterns for wanting it all. At the same time, Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow, is releasing his fear gas on unsuspecting people when a yellow ring attaches itself to him and the Scarecrow joins the Sinestro Corps for his ability to instill great fear. Fighting against Black Lanterns, the Atom is chosen to become a member of the Indigo Tribe for having the ability to feel great compassion. During her battle against Wonder Woman, Mera is selected to become a member of the Red Lantern Corps for having great rage against the Princess of the Amazons, while Diana is being chased by a Star Sapphire Ring, which attaches itself to her finger and expels the Black Lantern Ring from her and brings Wonder Woman back to life.

So, the new heralds of the seven Lantern Corps are: Ganthet of Oa joining the Green Lantern Corps, Barry Allen of the Blue Lantern Corps, Mera of the Red Lantern Corps, Lex Luthor of the Orange Lantern Corps, Wonder Woman of the Star Sapphire Corps, the Scarecrow of the Sinestro Corps, and the Atom of the Indigo Tribe.

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