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Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom was a serial adventure produced by Columbia Pictures in 1952. The serial featured the titular hero Blackhawk and his Blackhawk Squadron, which consisted of Andre, Boris, Chop-Chop, Chuck, Hendricksen. Olaf and Stan. The team fought up against the mysterious Leader in a series of fifteen twelve-minute episodes. Playing the lead role of Blackhawk was Kirk Alyn who, years earlier, had acquired more fame and notoriety as the first actor to ever portray the role of Superman. The Blackhawk series was collected and distributed on VHS, but to date, has not yet been made available on either DVD or Blu-Ray format.


Character Actor
Blackhawk Kirk Alyn
Andre Larry Stewart
Boris/Stan Rick Vallin
Chop Chop Weaver Levy
Chuck John Crawford
Hendrickson Frank Ellis
Olaf Don C. Harvey
The Leader Michael Fox


  • Distress Call from Space
  • Blackhawk Traps a Traitor
  • In the Enemy's Hideout
  • The Iron Monster
  • Human Targets
  • Blackhawk's Leap for Life
  • Mystery Fuel
  • Blasted from the Sky
  • Blackhawk Tempts Fate
  • Chase for Element X
  • Forced Down
  • Drums of Doom
  • Blackhawk's Daring Plan
  • Blackhawk's Wild Ride
  • The Leader Unmasked

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