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The Blackhawk Program is a clandestine military unit funded by the United Nations.


Its main purpose is to combat against threatening emergent technologies that endanger human civilization.

The Blackhawk Program have their own "infantry" men called Austringers (an obsolete term meaning "keeper of hawks"). These operatives are not all pilots, and their transport vehicles are called Peregrines.

The Great Leap Forward

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Their first recorded mission was a covert operation to Kazakhstan, where their secrecy was compromised by civilian photographers. These photos wound up on the Internet, which sparked the attention of the United Nations. Furthermore, one of their operatives Kunoichi was bitten by an enemy soldier and when she returned to the Eyrie, she found she'd been infected with "nanocites," that granted her super-strength. The nanocites were designed by Mother Machine, a techno-organic being herself, who used the technology to destroy a meta-human detainment facility in Asia.[1]

When Lady Blackhawk led a team to investigate the prison's destruction, they were met by one of Mother Machine's ruthless operatives, Titus. Titus promptly sliced off Irishman's arm before being subdued Kunoichi and Lady Blackhawk. But in the process, Kunoichi was exposed as having been infected. At the same time Blackhawks Canada and Wildman were kidnapped and taken to the Mother's hidden city.[2] The two learned that Mother Machine's technology was far more advanced than anything they had experienced and offered by the entity into joining her. The Eyrie was later compromised by Titus, who escaped, and was defeated by Kunoichi.[3]

Canada and Wildman rejected Mother Machine's proposal and escaped into Mother Machine's own satellite in orbit, where they hatched an impossible plan to save themselves.[4] When Mother sent it falling to Earth, they used its "kinetic harpoon" to destroy her own facility on Earth. The Blackhawks operatives were then safely extracted by Lady Blackhawk.[5]


Transportation: Peregrines, A23 Condor


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