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The Blackhawk Squadron is a team of ace pilots, mostly from countries occupied by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during World War II. As fearless champions of freedom, they flew modified Skyrockets in daring missions, all across Europe and later in the war, all over the Pacific. After the war, the team stayed together, and kept busy for years, defending the world's sea lanes and airways against a wide variety of pirates, terrorists, and renegade scientists. And they stayed together likewise for the entire duration of the long, undeclared Cold War.

The team's core members are Blackhawk, a Pole or Polish-American, André, a Frenchman, Chop-Chop, the Chinese cook, Chuck, another American, Hendrickson, who is sometimes referred to as Dutch and sometimes as German, Olaf, from Sweden or Denmark and Stanislaus, from Poland. Several female members have operated as Lady Blackhawk. The team is noted for a number of retcons and reboots, resulting in a confusing continuity, especially after Zero Hour.

The Blackhawk Squadron was created by Will Eisner, Bob Powell and Chuck Cuidera, first appearing in Military Comics #1 (1941).

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