The Blackhawk Squadron were an elite volunteer force of roving aviators/commandos, who served with the Allies during World War II, and again during the Cold War. They traveled to almost every part of the world, known and unknown, and dealt with a wide variety of incredible menaces.






  • It was not widely known (and they preferred it that way) that the Blackhawks, working as a team, had some truly astounding abilities as robot builders.
    • They once built five robots, out of scavenged parts, on a battlefield at night, then dressed them up in their own uniforms, and passed them off as themselves, well enough to fool a roomful of villains.[2]
    • Years earlier, they built a much more advanced robot, self-disguising, with a mechanical memory and a built-in program for espionage. This robot's appearance was capable of deceiving even the Blackhawks. They called it Zollo.[3]



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