"King Murder": In Marlanx, Pangoy, and Costa Marca, three allied governments were pursuing a joint program to develop Z-20, a strategically-crucial new fuel. The Pangoy program was disrupted by a masked, caped assassin who killed two scientists and himself in an explosion. In the governm

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Blackhawk #13 is an issue of the series Blackhawk (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 1946.

Appearing in "King Murder"

Featured Characters:




  • Z-20 fuel


Synopsis for "King Murder"

In Marlanx, Pangoy, and Costa Marca, three allied governments were pursuing a joint program to develop Z-20, a strategically-crucial new fuel. The Pangoy program was disrupted by a masked, caped assassin who killed two scientists and himself in an explosion. In the government experimental laboratory in the capital of Costa Marca, a caped, masked, knife-wielding assassin killed Doctor Fedrigo, and stole his formula for the Z-20 fuel, went out a window and fled on foot, but was unlucky enough to be pursued by several of the Blackhawks, and was about to be caught, so he destroyed the formula and stabbed himself to death. Returning to their lodgings, the Blackhawks soon received news of the murder in Pangoy, drew the right conclusion from it, and scrambled to fly to Marlanx.

Sending the others to land at the conventional airfield, Blackhawk did a trick landing on the roof of the government science laboratory, and talked a sentry into letting him inside, but had less success in persuading the chemist on duty to leave his work and withdraw to his quarters. While that conversation went on, a caped, masked, knife-wielding assassin murdered a sentry and climbed into an upstairs window of the lab, then killed the scientist with Blackhawk right in the next room. Pursuit was immediate, out the window and across the grounds, but the assassin had a peculiar-looking airplane waiting very nearby, with a pilot in the front seat and the engine running; he climbed into the rear seat, got behind the heavy machine gun, and they took off and got away. Blackhawk ran back to the lab, took off in the Skyrocket, and pursued them, but couldn't shoot down the plane for fear of destroying the only remaining copy of the Z-20 formula; while the bad guys expended lots of ammunition trying to get him off their tail, and they shot out Blackhawk's radio plus damaged one wing of the XF5F.

By this time the other Blackhawks have joined the chase, and when they lose Blackhawk's radio signal they've already calculated that they're headed toward the flyspeck Island of Cliffs, in the Northern Ocean. Reaching the island first, the bad guys swoop in for a very rapid, very vertical landing, while an antiaircraft cannon destroys Blackhawk's Skyrocket; Blackhawk is at that moment directly above the badguys' weird airplane, and catches it, climbs aboard, and punches out the pistol-packing tailgunner, while the pilot lands the plane. Bad guy reinforcements arrive and Blackhawk gets headkonked into unconsciousness.

On awakening, Blackhawk meets the elderly King Murder, who boasts of his ambitions and gloats about his methods and who has a deal to offer Blackhawk; join him and profit greatly, or die right now. Blackhawk chooses the path of most resistance, punches out two or three of the killers, but gets taken down and tied up; soon the villains are ready to practice their murder techniques on him, but just then the remaining Blackhawks swoop in, land, and start punching out the gun-and-knife-wielding murder team. King Murder flees into his palace, where he murders his girlfriend (in a dispute over whether to destroy the remaining copy of the Z-20 formula), then Blackhawk catches up to him. The desperate villain lunges with a sword, but Andre steps into the room and shoots him dead, simple as that. It soon is discovered that King Murder had been using drugs and hypnosis to keep his followers in line. The Z-20 formula is recovered and returned to Marlanx for further development.

Appearing in "The Return of Fear"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Starra (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Prince Ghor



Synopsis for "The Return of Fear"

The Blackhawk squadron flies to Kimrouk, at the invitation of Prince Ghor, to receive some honors, but mainly because of a secret message from Fear, the femme fatale that they met during the Nithar affair in Zorania. She now leads a small group of Kimroukian freedom fighters, under the oppression of Prince Ghor's evil new wife, the European adventuress Starra. The squad bunks at the palace while Blackhawk sneaks out and meets Fear in the Black Dove tavern, in a dangerous part of town, subduing two knife-wielding muggers along the way, and is ready to take on the tavernful of thugs when they all turn out to be Fear's hench-patriots. According to Fear, the dim Prince Ghor is completely manipulated by his evil European-expatriate trophy wife Starra, who has been empowered to command the police, levy taxes, and generally rule by whim.

Starra's grenade-and-rifle-wielding thug squad raids the inn, but gets wiped out in a close-quarters gunfight, in which Fear shoots at least two enemies dead. Blackhawk captures the leader alive, and finds written evidence of Starra's corruption; he and Fear then sneak back into the palace, where a probably-avoidable gunfight breaks out, between Starra's hand-picked palace guards and Fear; she shoots one of them dead too. Starra's gangsters get the worst of it, and Starra gets captured, but Starra boasts that she'll easily be able to lie her way out of her predicament. Fear believes her, and shoots her dead. Prince Ghor arrives and is confronted with the evidence; he soon believes Fear's version of events. Fear has clearly got it bad for Blackhawk and he's starting to like her a lot better too.

Appearing in Chop Chop: "The King of Hoho"

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for Chop Chop: "The King of Hoho"

Chop Chop is mistaken for the King of the Tibetan country of Hoho, and comical slapstick antics ensue.

Appearing in Burp the Twerp: "The Baseball Betting Bandits"

Featured Characters:


  • a gang of gambling racketeers

Synopsis for Burp the Twerp: "The Baseball Betting Bandits"

Some gambling racketeers posing as FBI agents dupe Burp the Twerp into telling them the one weakness in his incomprehensible array of super powers, and due to their misunderstanding of what he tells them, they blow up themselves and their hideout.

Appearing in "Allies of the Crocodile"

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Synopsis for "Allies of the Crocodile"

The pleasant land of Otero, which looks like it's in a mountainous part of Latin America somewhere, and is "cut off from the rest of the world," is troubled by a plague of banditry, and the government is unable to get this mess under control. A local man, called "the Crocodile" because of a facial deformity, a self-styled visionary and reformer, mails the Blackhawks a request for help, and they fly to Otero. On the road from the Otero airfield to the Crocodile's town house, his large station wagon is attacked by at least four pistol-wielding mounted bandits; Blackhawk tackles one right out of the saddle, and Olaf shoots one of them; the rest retreat. The tackled one is this robbery team's leader, not named, wearing a fancy brocaded jacket and a sombrero; they seemingly get no useful info out of him (except he stupidly lets it slip out that he's acting on another's orders), and the team turns him over to the elderly (and frankly incompetent) Jefe of Police. The popular president of Otero is also over 70, as is every public official in the place.

Blackhawk sends Chuck to throw a metal file into Brocaded Jacket Guy's cell, along with a note encouraging him to escape, which he soon does, enabling the Blackhawks to follow him to his home base, which turns out to be the palatial hacienda of Stebano, a leader of Otero's society. Closely followed by the Crocodile, Blackhawk barges in on Stebano's berating of the escaped bandit, aiming a pistol at the corrupt aristocrat, then turning to roundhouse-punch the bandit. Stebano pulls a gun from a drawer but the Crocodile shoots him dead; the other bandit, brocaded-jacket-guy, flees the room, with the Crocodile shooting and missing him. He flees to Miranda Square, then by taxi to the River District, quietly followed by Hendrickson and Stanislaus, and now by Blackhawk also; this hunt brings them to "The Gaucho," a dumpy bar. Olaf and the Crocodile withdraw to the Crocodile's house.

Upstairs in the saloon, Blackhawk overhears the bandit in conversation with Senor Gardo (who seems to be higher up on the bandit pecking order), claiming the late Stebano's position as "Chief Lieutenant under the Outlaw Captain." Senor Gardo is in the middle of putting this punk in his place, and refusing to reveal the Outlaw Captain's identity to him, when Blackhawk barges into this room also. The lesser bandit yanks out a pistol, but Blackhawk disarms him; three of Gardo's pistoleros charge into the room and subdue Blackhawk, taking some lumps in the process. Brocaded Jacket Guy has now been followed to two of his bosses' bases, plus during this last fight was trying to squeal what little he knew; Senor Gardo angrily directs one pistolero to kill this imbecile with a thrown knife. They then prepare to torture Blackhawk to death using the room's fireplace, but Chop Chop drops into the room via the fireplace chimney, and Olaf clambers in via the window, and Gardo tries to flee the room but is caught in the hallway by Stan; reinforcements for both sides show up, but this fight turns into a rout for the bad guys and at the end of it most of them are unconscious and/or in custody.

Blackhawk then searches Gardo's ledgers and papers, but finds no indication of the identity of the real leader of this bandit mob. Just then their ally the Crocodile shows up, and Blackhawk accuses him of being the secret chief of the bandits, based on the Crocodile's knowing several things he shouldn't have known. Crocodile tries to quick-draw his way out of this jam but Blackhawk punches him out. The point of calling in the Blackhawks had been for the Crocodile to wipe out all the intermediate stooges that he no longer needed. There's a friendly meeting with the unnamed elderly president of Otero, then the Blackhawks fly away.



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