"The Return of Queen Killer Shark": Blackhawk is plagued by nightmares of Zinda Blake, the former Lady Blackhawk - the victim of the villainous Nazi operative Killer Shark, who used a chemical potion to brainwash her, forcing her to take up the identity of the costumed Queen Killer Shark. The ne

Quote1 I hate to let Blackhawk commit a crime... but I've no choice! I must play along with Killer Shark, until I get the chance to change Blackhawk back to normal! Quote2
Zinda Blake

Blackhawk #204 is an issue of the series Blackhawk (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1965.

Appearing in "The Return of Queen Killer Shark"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Killer Shark's Henchmen


  • Blackhawk Island
  • Blackhawks's Mainland Barracks
  • Killer Shark's Undersea Cavern Lair


  • Killer Shark's Remote-Controlled Ray Gun
  • Trans-Oceanic Rocket


Synopsis for "The Return of Queen Killer Shark"

Blackhawk is plagued by nightmares of Zinda Blake, the former Lady Blackhawk - the victim of the villainous Nazi operative Killer Shark, who used a chemical potion to brainwash her, forcing her to take up the identity of the costumed Queen Killer Shark. The next morning, they get word that Killer Shark is raiding a mineral tower and quickly scramble their jets. As they approach, Blackhawk is attacked by a jet flown by Zinda, Blackhawk tries to shake her using a few fancy arial maneuvers, but she is unable to pull out of her dive and clips her wing on his jet. With her plane barreling down towards the water, Blackhawk ejects and parachutes down to her position. He pulls her from the cockpit, rescuing her, and she surprises him by kissing him. It appears that the wreck has broken the hold that Killer Shark had on Zinda. Killer Shark escapes, but vows to get his Queen back.

Back at the mainland, a doctor looks over Zinda. He tells Blackhawk that the stress from the crash must have broke the spell the potion had on her, but that she could revert back to her Queen Killer Shark persona at any time. He tells Blackhawk to stay by her side at all times. Over the following days, Blackhawk and Zinda enjoy peace and quiet at a secluded and secret tropical beach, with the other Blackhawks secretly patrolling the area around the clock to keep it that way. But at that moment, slipping through the undersea nets and mines surrounding the island, Killer Shark waits in his submarine for the moment to strike back. His plan is to use a ray beam containing an ionized form of the potion to change her back. He fires, but the beam misses its intended target and hits Blackhawk!

Blackhawk, now under the effects of Killer Shark's evil potion, recognizes Zinda as Queen Killer Shark and demand that they both return to their boss. The other Blackhawks try to stop them, but are unable to defeat both Zinda and Blackhawk together. The two escape the island in their jets. A short flight brings them to the undersea cavern lair of Killer Shark. The villain gives his new minions their first assignment to test them - to attack a coastal radar station and steal a special frequency converter. The attack is successful, and Killer Shark reveals his true plans to intercept the first trans-oceanic diamond shipment made by rocket. As soon as the rocket splashes down at its target, Blackhawk and Zinda take a boat out to collect the diamonds. But their mission has been anticipated by the Blackhawks, and during the fight Zinda kicks the rocket cone off the boat hoping that Killer Shark wont get them. One Blackhawk jet swoops down and collects the cone by net, snatching it from the villain's grasp.

Back at his lair, Killer Shark suspects that Blackhawk has been faking the potion's effects all along and blames him for the loss of the diamonds. He orders Blackhawk killed, something that Zinda didn't expect to happen. Just then, the Blackhawks' submarine surfaces within the cavern. They attack, but Blackhawk fights back determined to show his master Killer Shark whose side he's really on. Zinda takes control of the ray gun, and fires at Blackhawk. The second dose of the potion reverts Blackhawk back to normal, but unfortunately changes Zinda back to the evil Queen Killer Shark. She escapes, but Blackhawk is able to capture Killer Shark before he can make it to his own sub. Andre informs Blackhawk that Zinda had kept in constant radio contact with them, so they could foil Killer Shark at every turn. Blackhawk realizes he own his life to Zinda, and vows to never stop until she is returned to them back to normal.

Appearing in "The Stanislaus Punch"

Featured Characters:


  • Alien Leader
  • S'Rig



Synopsis for "The Stanislaus Punch"

The Blackhawks take off from their island to investigate seismographic readings of earthquakes on a remote and uninhabited tropical land mass. They discover that the earthquakes are being caused by strange green aliens that have landed their saucer within the jungle. The Blackhawks are spotted, and the aliens begin to fire their cannons up at their jets. The alien's melting rays hit the jets, forcing the Blackhawks to eject. As they parachute down to land, they discover that the aliens' rays won't affect wood or stone.

The alien leader waves a white flag of truce. Speaking to the Blackhawks telepathically, the alien leader offers a way to settle their difference without needless bloodshed - the strongest men from both sides will fight hand-to-hand. The Blackhawks choose Stan, while the aliens choose a being named S'Rig. If Stan can defeat S'Rig, the aliens will depart at once. If S'Rig wins, then the alien fleet waiting in orbit will be allowed to plunder the Earth without resistance. S'Rig is overconfident, and Stan easily brings him down with a few well-placed punches. But the aliens have a few tricks up their sleeves. S'Rig is able to grow to gigantic size, and grabs Stan with on hand throwing him deep into the jungle. The aliens think they've won, but then Stan emerges from the jungle. He noticed that when S'Rig grew, the belt he was wearing stayed the same size. Stan hurls a large boulder at the alien, damaging the belt and causing S'Rig to shrink back to normal size. Then, with one punch, Stan knocks the alien out cold. Their secret revealed, the Blackhawks use their guns to disable to belts on the others. The aliens retreat back to their saucer and leave the planet. Stan comments that sometimes brains beat brawn!


  • Also contains a 3-panel filler on page 22 about the superstition of hearing three knocks before the death of a sick person.


  • No trivia.

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