"Blackhawk Against Blackhawk": During a lull in their adventures the Blackhawks visit their old friend Governor Mahlban at his castle. That night a knife-wielding assassin climbs into the tower where the Blackhawks are sleeping, and tries to stab Andre but is taken down by Blackhawk, and for no

Quote1 Somebody had made an incision in the poor fellow's neck! Clamped to his nerve centers was a radio receiver disk! He could be given hypnotic orders by Mung's radio set! Quote2
Chuck Wilson

Appearing in "Blackhawk Against Blackhawk"

Featured Characters:


  • Mung
    • Mung's five mind-controlled henchmen (four die)

Other Characters:

  • Governor Mahlban, old friend of the Blackhawks
  • Governor Mahlban's personal physician


  • Governor Mahlban's castle


Synopsis for "Blackhawk Against Blackhawk"

During a lull in their adventures the Blackhawks visit their old friend Governor Mahlban at his castle. That night a knife-wielding assassin climbs into the tower where the Blackhawks are sleeping, and tries to stab Andre but is taken down by Blackhawk, and for no apparent reason he dies. The team fans out to search the grounds and right away find three more thugs, and they see two others (Mung, and a henchman) escaping in an open car. Olaf pursues that car in the Governor's limo while the main team fistfights the three abandoned thugs; all of whom also die inexplicably. Olaf's quarry are familiar with the local terrain and they maneuver him into a crash which demolishes the limo and knocks out Olaf, whom they carry away to their hideout. Olaf later awakens and Mung exposits that he has a scheme, sponsored by a dozen of the Blackhawk squadron's old enemies, to destroy the team, and that Olaf himself will soon kill Blackhawk. Olaf scoffs at this and escapes by bursting thru an unguarded, locked door, then returns to the castle on foot.

The Governor meanwhile has called in his doctor, who is baffled by the first dead assassin's unwounded condition, and decides to examine the body in a better laboratory in the next town; Chuck and Andre accompany him, and the autopsy reveals a small radio receiver, wired into the nerve centers of the dead man's neck; the doctor reluctantly concludes that a human mind and will can be remotely radio-controlled. Meanwhile at the castle during an electrical storm, Olaf acts very oddly, then tries to crack Blackhawk's head with a heavy candlestick, but Blackhawk punches him out instead. That's not normal; Olaf is usually quicker than Blackhawk; it soon turns out that the electrical storm was interfering with Mung's radio control signal. But as soon as the thunderstorm clears up, Mung's signal will return, and it can either control or kill Olaf, and the Governor's Doctor has stayed in the other town, so Hendrickson, who long ago studied medicine, performs the emergency surgery which saves Olaf. The storm breaks and the radio signal reactivates the device, which Blackhawk quickly figures out how to exploit as a direction finder, which leads the team to Mung, hiding near the castle. The team outflanks Mung and busts him, with Olaf himself punching him out, leaving Mung and his henchman in the Governor's custody.

Appearing in Chop Chop: "Charley Chop and the Green Dragon"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Charley Chop, Chop Chop's uncle


  • Rickets, jewel thief
  • Muscles, thief
  • Stark, thief

Other Characters:

  • pawnbroker


  • Chinatown
    • Wong Street


  • green jade carving of a dragon
  • 4 diamonds

Synopsis for Chop Chop: "Charley Chop and the Green Dragon"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "Polito, Master Schemer"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • President Carniola (Dies)
  • Prime Minister Pesht



Synopsis for "Polito, Master Schemer"

Deep in a mountain valley of Europe, a small nation cheers its newly elected President Carniola. Guarded by Colonel Draga, commander of the national police, and ignoring the advice of Prime Minister Pesht, Carniola addresses the populace from a balcony, but is killed by a military-uniformed submachinegun-wielding assassin who escapes in an open car. Col. Draga, on horseback, pretends to pursue, but actually he's in cahoots with the 2-man hit team, and they "get away." Next the gunman, Sergei, broadcasts his orders, and a number of soldiers march into the town; he now proclaims "Your free republic is hereby at an end! You are now subjects of the People's Dictatorship!" At Sergei's car, conferring with Col. Draga, Sergei's associate, Polito, well-dressed and heretofore silent, now leaps atop the car and counter-proclaims: "Have no fear! I will lead an uprising against the invaders!" and right away people start to rally around him.

Half a world away on Blackhawk Island, the Blackhawks are very excited at this news, and straightaway fly off to Europe to join the struggle. They arrive to find heavy fighting in progress, land, and scout around until they hook up with the "Democratic Insurrection," led by Polito and Draga, who have cornered Sergei's invaders in a single building. Blackhawk actually pulls out a pistol, for a change, and directs Hendrickson and Stanislaus to get airborne and smoke the bad guys out of their redoubt, which they do. Sergei's troops are captured, alive, by pistol-wielding Blackhawks who still punch out their pistol-wielding enemies amid an ongoing gunfight. Polito and Draga outwardly rejoice and quietly get to work figuring out their Plan B.

That evening at a victory banquet, the guest-of-honor Blackhawks are served some probably-drugged food, and that night the bad guys try to kill them with poison gas, but Blackhawk figures out what's going on, breaks the gas-apparatus, and finds Draga and Sergei and Polito in a room, at a table, gloating aloud about how clever their scheme is. The Blackhawks charge in and punch out Sergei's guards, but Draga calls in his national police, but the police balk at his orders to arrest the Blackhawks (alongside whom they'd been fighting just hours earlier), and they mutiny. Polito and Sergei flee the building, together, but soon are caught and imprisoned, along with Draga, to face trial for treason.


  • Blackhawk Against Blackhawk
    • Olaf is knocked unconscious in a car crash.
    • Olaf recovers from neurosurgery, very rapidly, twice. The first time, he immediately crashes through a locked wooden door and sprints away; the second time, he pursues two bad guys and punches one out.
  • Also appearing in this issue of Blackhawk were:
    • Burp the Twerp by Jack Cole
    • Blackhawk: "Beacon Trap" (text story)


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