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Blackhawk #96 is an issue of the series Blackhawk (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1956.

Synopsis for "Seven Graves For Seven Blackhawks"

Appearing in "Seven Graves For Seven Blackhawks"

Featured Characters:


  • Furia
    • General Yakovi
      • Yakovi's troops, hundreds of them

Other Characters:

  • President Karas, of Drozh



Synopsis for Carl Miller: "Rescue From the Sky"

Sky-diving forest rangers battle wildfires.

Appearing in Carl Miller: "Rescue From the Sky"

Featured Characters:

  • Carl Miller, Forest Ranger
  • Jim Bates, Forest Ranger

Supporting Characters:

  • more "Smoke Jumpers" from San Marcos Field


  • Avalon Forest
    • Leesville Sector
  • San Marcos Field


  • assorted Forest Service planes

Synopsis for "Case of the Missing Blackhawk"

Appearing in "Case of the Missing Blackhawk"

Featured Characters:


  • Lilene, factory owner
  • Villon, factory manager
    • gang of saboteurs



Synopsis for "Doom In the Deep"

Appearing in "Doom In the Deep"

Featured Characters:




  • ultraviolet x-ray camera
  • Hawksub blueprints


  • Sea Hawk (Destroyed)
  • Russian copy of the Sea Hawk (becomes the new Hawksub)


  • Starting this issue Chop Chop has a normal haircut, with no spike and no ribbon.
  • Missing Blackhawk
    • Not for the first time in his career, Andre is apparently killed,[1] but turns out to be alive.[2]
  • Story 4, "Doom in the Deep", begins on December 7th.
    • The USS Sea Hawk was designed by the Blackhawks. It is not the same vessel as the original or second Hawksub.
    • At the end of "Doom in the Deep" the Blackhawks escape and return to port in the Russian copy of the Sea Hawk; the original lies at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. But of course, now the Soviets know how to build new copies.
  • Also appearing in this issue of Blackhawk was: "The Plane From Nowhere" (text story)


  • Story 1, page 7, panel 2, Andre says a swearword, in French.

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