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Quote1.png I spent years wishing he'd die. Dreaming that...I'd be the one to do it...but when it happened I didn't feel anything. No relief or happiness...the pain just stayed. I've spent my life trying to keep what happened to me from happening to anyone else. I know that sounds crazy. Quote2.png
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Blair Wong is a Gotham City Police Department Detective who dated Bruce Wayne and learned his identity as Batman while investigating a series of murders for which Batman was the prime suspect. Their relationship did not survive the revelation, but she did not turn him in as she uncovered the true identity of the killer.

Blair witnesses her parent's murders.

In her youth her father and mother were murdered in front of her. She later dropped out of Yale to follow in her father's footsteps and become a police officer, hoping to prevent such a tragedy from befalling anyone else.

She quickly showed herself to be one of the best investigators on the force. Blair was morally upright even when faced with an uncooperative public or uncooperative suspects, her refusal to shoot fleeing suspects while the others in the department were willing to blast them and the building behind them making her stand out. She was assigned to uncover the Batman's true identity, but had little support in her investigation until an imposter started murdering criminals in a Batman costume. The imposter turned out to be a dissatisfied cop that had been assigned to the team, who was framing Batman for the murders out of anger that criminals were being let go as the corruption in the judicial system was rooted out by Batman's ally Harvey Dent.




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