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Blanque was a member of the Superman Revenge Squad.

During the initial years of Superman's adventures in the Post-Flashpoint timeline, Blanque was one of the first and deadliest supervillains he faced at the time, destroying an entire town. Despite his formidable psychic abilities, Superman was able to keep him captive in his makeshift fortress of solitude until its unwitting destruction by Hank Henshaw.

He later escaped and joined the Superman Revenge Squad.


  • Pyrokinesis: Blanque is capable of psionically stimulating inorganic matter, at the atomic level, generating intense heat and cauding the object to burst into flame.
  • Telekinesis: Blanque is a wildly powerful telekinetic, able to move a mountain with little to no effort.[1][2]
    • Telekinetic Flight: Blanque can telekinetically propel himself through the air.
    • Telekinetic Force-Field: Blanque can encase himself in a personal, telekinetic shield strong enough to withstand blows from Superman.
  • Telepathy[3]
    • Thought Projection: Blanque can project his thoughts as a means of communication without speech.
    • Mind Control: Blanque can mentally control the thoughts and actions of others. He can also lessen his control so that his victims can perform tasks that require some level of free will.[4]
    • Thought Sense: Blanque can detect others by sensing their thoughts.



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