Blight is Derek Powers, a radioactive super-villain in the DCAU's Batman Beyond future. Powers was a corrupt corporate executive trying to muscle Bruce Wayne out of Wayne Enterprises when he killed Terry McGinnis' father Warren McGinnis. This inspired McGinnis to become the new Batman, and Powers was exposed to radiation during their first battle. Blight was created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, first appearing in the Batman Beyond episode Rebirth. (1999)

The Blight are also a race in the 30th Century who fight the Legion of Super-Heroes. They are techno-organic beings composed of technology and rotting flesh, spreading their control over the universe using the Doda's stargate technology to teleport everywhere. The Blight were created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Olivier Coipel, first appearing in Legion of Super-Heroes Secret Files and Origins #2. (1999)

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