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Blight is the gestalt entity formed through all of humanity's evils that was augmented and given full sentience upon the invasion of Earth 3's Crime Syndicate.

Chris Esperanza, the Phantom Stranger's friend he brought back from the dead, overcome by his emotional turmoil of being resurrected, awakens Blight inside of him, allowing his body to become the vessel for Blight. Now in his vessel, Blight summons John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Nightmare Nurse, Phantom Stranger and Pandora to his location in New York City.[1]

Arriving in New York, the group is attacked by Blight. The Phantom Stranger realizes Blight is using his friend Chris as a host. Nightmare Nurse teleports the group away to regroup. Only able to teleport to Central Park, the group tries to free Chris from Blight. Just as they are about to destroy it, Blight knocks back the group. Pandora sees Blight heading for Constantine, and she is able to jump in front of it and extract Chris from the Blight. Pandora fights off the Seven Deadly Sins while Blight joins with Chris once again. Blight breathes fire at the Justice League Dark, who are able to resist it, before he does the same to the buildings in New York. Swamp Thing, Phantom Stranger and Nightmare Nurse rescue the people in the affected buildings and move them to safety. Constantine realizes they have been on the defensive, and they should move to the offensive. He asks Nightmare Nurse to mark the group with the Mark of Dun-Kon-Wen. Pandora begins shooting at Blight, only for Blight to start killing each member, killing Pandora last.[2]

Phantom Stranger took Doctor Thirteen to Chris Esperanza's house, where Blight had captured Chris' family. The Presence appears to the Stranger and tells him he should join Blight in order to continue on his path to redemption. He does and sacrifices Doctor Thirteen as well. However, seeing Chris' sister talk to Blight, Phantom Stranger sees the innocent boy rising up, and betrays Blight, freeing Doctor Thirteen and Chris' family. Phantom Stranger sees the love that still exists in Chris and uses it to expel Blight from Chris. However, Chris rejoins with Blight, saying he was the one to choose Blight, not the reverse, and becomes stronger.[3]

Though Zauriel and Pandora's use of light and hope help to extract Blight from Chris, he again re-absorbs it and seemed to kill the Phantom Stranger, Zauriel, and Pandora, though each made an illusion of their own deaths instead, as they had in New York. With Deadman, Nightmare Nurse, Swamp Thing, and Constantine fighting in the material world by using their own internal "blights," and Zauriel, Pandora, and the Phantom Stranger fighting to pull Chris free of Blight in the collective unconscious, Blight is once again banished to the collective unconscious, with Chris becoming a spirit of redemption instead.[4]




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