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 The Blight were intergalactic nomads comprised of techno-organic symbionts.


This scientifically advanced species sought the secret of immortality. But in their mad quest, the Blight turned into a race of perpetually decaying beings. The Blight encountered the Doda race, beings who can teleport themselves across the galaxy to seed new worlds. The Doda were enslaved and the Blight used their teleportation skills to spread their decay across the universe.

In the 31st century, the Blight, led by Atrophos, their chief scientist and engineer, drained the life energy from dozens of worlds. This hostile, malicious race first came into contact with a Legion of Super-Heroes cruiser when the Blight entered United Planets space. Using the cruiser's stargate technology, the Blight spread their corrosive power to several planets, and they eventually took control of Earth. The Blight enslaved many Legionnaires in their search for M'Onel, whose power they believed would give them immortality and end their existence as decaying beings. However, the Legion was able to destroy the Blight by teleporting their Doda captives across the known universe to revitalize the life forces drained by the Blight. Without the Doda, the Blight were no longer able to spread their putrefaction.

Powers and Abilities


  • Energy Absorption: An alien race of partially organic beings; can absorb the life energy from entire worlds.



Atrophos, Krydel-4 (formerly)

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