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Blood Claw was one of the first Khund Legionnaires.

Bloodclaw was born somewhat misshapen, with a primitive look about him. Fortunately for him, his odd musculature translated into a strength advantage, which he used to answer any taunts over his appearance in Khundia's challenge courts. He eventually gained such stature that he was allowed cybernetic enhancement, one of the highest honors a Khund can achieve. He chose a pair of mechanical hands with sharp claws, and, as Bloodclaw, he became one of the best fighters in the entire Khundish Empire.

Blood Claw was among Khund warriors which included Veilmist, a teleporter, Firefist, a powerful cyborg and Flederweb, a winged bounty hunter. The four Khundish champions to join forces with the Legion of Super-Heroes when the Khunds realized they needed the Legion's help to stop the undead army of Mordru. But his metal claws, which he believed to be his greatest asset, proved to be his undoing. When Mordru sent the corpses of dead Legionnaires to face the live ones, Bloodclaw ran afoul the corpse of Magnetic Kid, which used its magnetic powers to make Bloodclaw cut himself to death. Bloodclaw was buried with full Khundish military honors after Mordru's corpses stopped moving.



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