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The once-noble Justice League transformed into the twisted Blood League, losing all traces of its humanity.


The League's membership includes nearly unrecognizable vampiric variations of Batman (the first to fall victim to the vampire curse, having initially sought out demonic powers in order to fight off a threat to Gotham from Dracula himself), Ultraman, Green Lantern and others. They're powerful and endlessly thirsty. In fact, the only hope for anyone they've chosen to target may be that their undead state has brought with it new weaknesses. Vampire Green Lantern cannot withstand contact with yellow sunlight, while Vampire Ultraman must avoid red sunlight at all costs. Being vampires, all of them are weak against wood.[1]

So greedy is the terrifying Blood League for fresh corpses, they have waged an ongoing campaign against the planet Rann, home base of the interplanetary hero Adam Strange. The discovery of alternate universes, chock full of potential new victims, would certainly capture the League's attention.[2]




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