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Quote1.png I try and try, but it always comes out wrong! It scans badly, or the seconds line's completely irrelevant, or it's just plain gibberish! All I want is to rhyme like you -- but it's hopeless! I'm a failure! I'll never be a Rhymer! Quote2.png
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Bloodklott was a Demon Lord known as the Prince of Pox.

It's not known exactly what his rank or social status was in Hell, but more than anything he wanted to be a Rhymer like his comrade Etrigan. Frustratingly for him - and others - he did not have the talent for it.

Bloodklott was not taken very seriously by his fellow demons due to his awkward speech. During the assault on Hell by the renegade Archangel of War, Karrien Excalibris, Bloodklott was present at the first assault, led by Prince Etrigan. The overwhelming number of the angel host forced the demon hoards to retreat. During the brief ceasefire, Etrigan saw a chance to leave on his own, and surreptitiously slaughter some of the resting angels under cover of darkness. He was captured by Karrien and left to be tortured to death by two old foes.[1] Sergeant Kakk and Morax, concerned by Etrigan's long absence, feared the low moral and encroaching army had caused the hapless Bloodklott and raving Baytor to desert them. Thankfully, the two unlikely heroes had followed Etrigan, rescuing him from his captors. When Bloodklott tried to update Etrigan in rhyme he was reproached, causing him to break down in despondency that he would never be a Rhymer. Etrigan, in an uncharacteristically sensitive talk, explained that it was his honour and camaraderie he valued, not his ability to rhyme, which was overrated in his opinion. Together the three commandeered a Hellpanzer and assaulted the angels. In the heat of battle, Bloodklott surprised himself - and Etrigan more so - when he said, "Too late to change your foolish ways! We're making angel bolognese!" Ecstatic with his rhyming ability he stood up and cried out with joy, before being immolated by a blast from Karrien's flaming sword.[2]


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  • Pestilence: Bloodklott can project pestilence blasts that inflict his target with deadly, festering diseases.[2]


  • As a demon, Bloodklott is presumably vulnerable to holy powers and artifacts such as holy water or the Ace of Winchesters. Demons are known to be vulnerable to iron.
  • Rhyming: Bloodklott has no skill at speaking in rhyme, receiving annoyance or mockery from others.



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