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"Bloodlines" involved a number of hungry alien parasites coming to Earth with the intention of feeding themselves on the juices they required from human spinal fluids. Although the giant and formidable monsters slaughtered many, their feeding also activated the metagene in a number of individuals, leading to a massive wave of new super-powered characters, calling themselves "New Bloods".


Roy Harper Cry for Justice
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It was eventually revealed that the spinal fluids harvested by the Parasites were actually being used to contribute to the birthing of a gigantic terrible monster of their race, The Taker. Many of Earth's heroes were defeated when the Taker took them by surprise during a government commissioned task force raid on the Parasites' crashed spaceship, Superman being the only one capable of escape to warn the rest of the world.[1] A team of New Bloods, each mysteriously called to the scene (presumably by their blood connection to the Beast), and some government-sponsored, were forced to destroy the Taker all on their own. It was discovered that when multiple New Bloods powers crossed against the Taker at once, their attack became greater than the sum of its parts. Using the energy siphoning powers of Joe Public, all of the New Bloods' collective power was directed into Anima's Animus construct, and the Taker was defeated in a gigantic one-on-one monster brawl. After the other heroes were rescued, a team of Green Lanterns flung the body of the Taker into the Sun.[2]


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Name First Appearance Description
Anima (Courtney Mason)New Titans Annual #9"Animus-summoning grunge rocker"
Argus (Nick Kelly)The Flash Annual (Volume 2) #6"Shadow-melding undercover agent"
Ballistic (Kelvin Mao)Batman Annual #17"Korean-American hero and an armed and dangerous vigilante"
Cardinal SinBatman: Legends of the Dark Knight Annual #3"Disillusioned priest"
Chimera (Sanjeet Bhatia)Team Titans Annual #1"Illusion-creating heroine of India"
Edge (Tom O'Brien)Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #2"Blade-hurling community hero"
Geist (Dwayne Geyer)Detective Comics Annual #6"Ghostly night-hero, ironically only becomes visible in the dark."
Gunfire (Andrew Van Horn)Deathstroke the Terminator Annual #2"Able to explosively convert matter to energy."
Hitman (Tommy Managhan)The Demon Annual (Volume 3) #2"A hitman who gained the powers of telepathy and X-ray vision"
HookGreen Arrow Annual (Volume 2) #6"Hook-handed former soldier"
JammLegion of Super-Heroes Annual (Volume 4) #4"Prodigious surfer-dude"
Joe PublicBatman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #1"Strength-siphoning patriot"
KragJustice League America Annual #7"Stone bodied hero, super strength"
LaylaLobo Annual (Volume 2) #1"Tough-as-nails space explorer"
Lionheart (Richard Plante)Justice League International Annual #4"Armored high-tech knight, hero of Great Britain"
Loose Cannon (Edward Walker)Action Comics Annual #5"Super-strong ex-cop, color changes as he gets angrier"
LoriaShowcase '94 #12"Transformd into living metal, agent of the Quorum"
Mongrel (Joshua Xan)Hawkman Annual (Volume 3) #1"Darkforce-blasting African American-Vietnamese hero"
Myriad (Sasha Green)Superman Annual (Volume 2) #5"Personality-absorbing assassin"
Nightblade (Nik Mayak)Green Lantern Annual (Volume 3) #2"Regenerating martial artist"
PaxL.E.G.I.O.N. Annual #4"Last of his race, space-shaman"
PrismEclipso Annual #1"Light-manipulating scientist"
Razorsharp (Rae Sharpe)Robin Annual (Volume 2) #2"Sword-armed hacker"
ShadowstrykeJustice League America Annual #7"Tragic hero, dark force energy"
SlingshotJustice League America Annual #7"Power to give anything she touches an acceleration factor"
SparxAdventures of Superman Annual #5"Lightning-wielding heroine from Canada"
TerrorsmithJustice League America Annual #7"Monster-making villain(?)"
Freight TrainOutsiders (Volume 4) #30Retconned 15 years after the fact


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