"Hostile Takeover": From space a meteor flies over Pine Ridge and lands in a field nearby, a buck trots over and becomes infected by it.

Quote1.png I used to be a morning person. Waking up before the alarm even went off, thanks to my own internal clock. I'd practically jump out of bed to start the day. Not anymore. Because now -- I can't jump Quote2.png
Eddie Walker

Bloodlines #1 is an issue of the series Bloodlines (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2016. It was published on April 6, 2016.

Synopsis for "Hostile Takeover"

From space a meteor flies over Pine Ridge and lands in a field nearby, a buck trots over and becomes infected by it.

Eddie Walker wakes up that morning and heads to school, catching a lift from his friend Graham. Eddie finds his way to class where the teacher sits to one side and a student, Albert, teaches. Between lessons, Dana blogs her school-life.

As they sit in the car, Blake phones Stu to see how his car is but this causes Haley - still bitter from his sleeping with her and likely not talking to her after - to move on from his Mustang to another out of spite. Blake and his partner Ricky then go bust a house filled with crack-heads.

After school, Eddie and friends go to drink at Sullivan Field where Kev and Jenny are kissing near the woods until a noise spooks her, from the darkness the infected buck dives onto Kev and slaughters him then turns towards the other students.

Struggling to escape with his crutches, Eddie watches as the beast attacks Graham who had run over to help him. Enraged Eddie is overcome with a similar red glow to what the meteor had and grows muscular, blue and strong allowing Eddie to tear the beast's head off but too late as Graham dies in his arms and Eddie turns back to his normal, crippled, self.

Appearing in "Hostile Takeover"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Blake (First appearance)
  • Dana (First appearance)
  • Graham (Only appearance; dies)
  • Haley (First appearance)
  • Ricky (First appearance)


  • Meteor-infected buck

Other Characters:

  • Albert (First appearance)
  • Faith (First appearance)
    • Faith's mother
  • Jenny (First appearance)
  • Kev (Only appearance; dies)
  • Mr. Shim (First appearance)
  • Stu (First appearance)


  • Pine Ridge
    • Pine Ridge High School
    • Stu's Auto Repair
    • Sullivan Field



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