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A third Bloodsport, styled after the first, was also an enemy of Superman.

With the ability to pull almost any weapon from an extradimensional arsenal, and modeling himself after the original Bloodsport, the new Bloodsport became a villain.

As soon as Intergang heard from Puzzler that Superman had returned, they offered a reward of $30 million to whoever killed him. Bloodsport and a team initially planned to split the reward. However, as Superman dealt with Silver Banshee, Hellgrammite, and Livewire, Bloodsport offered to split the reward 50/50 with Riot alone. Bloodsport fired on Jimmy Olsen to draw Superman out, the man of steel just barely managing to catch the bullet before it hit Jimmy.[1] Superman knocked Bloodsport unconscious, his gun misfiring into Livewire. The villains were taken away by SCU[2]

Later, when the villains of Earth were exiled to another planet, Bloodsport took up residence in Lex Luthor's camp. He helped in the fight against the Parademons before teleporting back to Earth through Luthor's machine.[3] Returning to Intergang's employment with Riot, they hijacked a water delivery truck when a fight destroyed Metropolis sewers, Bloodsport commenting that it was the easiest money "since the Dartford kidnapping." Guardian stopped them, overturning the semi.[4]

Bloodsport and Puzzler were pursued by Saganowahna to Colorado where they were stopped by Superman and arrested.[5]


  • Firearms: Bloodsport has the ability to pull almost any weapon from an extradimensional arsenal.



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