Bloodwynd (New Earth)

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Bloodwynd is a hero wielding the powerful Blood Gem.



Bloodwynd was the descendant of a group of slaves enslaved by a man named Jacob Whitney. These slaves created the magical Blood Gem and used it to kill Whitney. The Blood Gem was passed down among the slaves' descendants and without them knowing it the Blood Gem was a gateway to another dimension, and the demon Rott claimed the souls of those who were killed by the Blood Gem.

Justice League

In recent times, Rott sucked Bloodwynd into the Blood Gem and mind controlled Martian Manhunter into wearing Bloodwynd's Blood Gem and impersonating him. Using Bloodwynd's identity, the Manhunter joined the Justice League as one of their more mysterious members. When the JLA fought Doomsday, Superman and Blue Beetle realized Bloodwynd's identity when Bloodwynd was surrounded by fire. Once the Manhunter was freed of mental control, the Justice League battled Rott and freed Bloodwynd.

Bloodwynd joined the Justice League America after they freed him from Rott's control. Later, he withheld information from the Justice League about an offer of alliance from the mystical villain Dreamslayer. Bloodwynd didn't join Dreamslayer, though sensing a strange kinship with him, Bloodwynd wouldn't oppose Dreamslayer either.

During Overmaster's invasion, Bloodwynd was strangely inactive, refusing to take action against what he said to be a natural course of events. These two incidents caused Bloodwynd to question his membership in the Justice League. He voluntarily put himself on reserve status.

Powers and Abilities




  • Blood Gem: This gem is the source of all his powers and gives him various mystical abilities.
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